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Square for Business

A social media experience fostering growth and economic expansion.



Given the quantifiable benefits small business owners are provided when selling through social media, how might we develop an alternative that helps the process be more efficient while keeping their personal touch?


Square for Business - a platform designed to streamline the various communication channels and order management tools to help small business owners expand, while unifying the purchasing experience for customers.

My Contributions

I helped develop research objectives, recruited participants, conducted observations and semi-structured interviews, designed and analyzed the survey, and conducted affinity mapping, in addition to presenting the initial qualitative findings to our external partners. I also helped create personas and ideated divergent designs as well as the final design concept. I created the usability testing protocol for both user and expert evaluations, and conducted several usability testing sessions of the final prototype.

The Team

Jay Modh

Priyanka Mohindra‚Äč

Varun Nambiar

Talia Ayala-Feliciangeli


My Role

UX Research Lead‚Äč



August 2019 - November 2019

This project is under construction - come back soon for an update!