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Abstract Appetite

Reimagining the food tracking experience.



How might we simplify the existing food logging process to encourage healthier habits and increase long-term retention?


Abstract Appetite - a wearable app designed for the Apple Watch which implements the use of visual estimation to make food tracking quick and painless. 

My Contributions

I led the design and analysis of a survey, conducted observations and semi-structured interviews, created storyboards to illustrate our initial concepts, and used affinity mapping to analyze our initial findings. I also created the usability testing protocol and conducted 4 usability testing sessions with the initial prototype. Additionally, I helped create the personas and develop the design implications.

The Team

Jay Modh

Priyanka Mohindra‚Äč

Varun Nambiar

Talia Ayala-Feliciangeli


My Role

UX Research Lead‚Äč



August 2019 - November 2019

This project is under construction - come back soon for an update!